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sarahcorvus's Journal

The First Bionic Woman
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This community focuses on everything to do with the character of Sarah Corvus in Bionic Woman.
Welcome to the Sarah Corvus fan community!

This Livejournal community is dedicated to the fascinating new character, on the new Bionic Woman portrayed by the immensely talented Katee Sackhoff. Feel free to post all your Sarah related news or any news related to Katee’s participation in the show here.

What sort of content is accepted here?

*Creative fan made art- such as icons, banners, wallpapers, fanfic, music videos etc
* Episode discussions- I will also put up a weekly discussion thread for each new episode for you all to share your thoughts on Ms Corvus and what amazing stuff she gets to do this week.
* Sarah Corvus related questions.
*..And basically anything related to the character of Sarah Corvus. If you have any information on Katee Sackhoff that you want to post unrelated to Bionic Woman then you will find the best place to post that information is at ksackhoff_fans

What sort of content isn’t allowed?

* Actor/Real person fiction- out of respect to the people who play these characters I don’t want to see fic based on real people. Characters are fine but no actor/real person fics please.
* Links to episodes to download. If you download please don’t talk about it here or give links to downloads of episodes here. This is simply to protect the community. We don’t want the community to get closed.

Remember if you have any ideas and suggestions please feel free to contact myself and we will see what we can put together.

Some basic rules:

In order to create a fun, creative, respectful and friendly community we need rules. So please take time to read the rules below before joining.

1) Any spoilers (meaning: information about an episode that hasn’t aired in the USA yet) must go behind an LJ-cut and be clearly labeled. You can say what episode the spoiler is related to in the title of the post or summary but please put the main spoiler info behind the cut.

Information on how to make an LJ cut can be found at the link below:
How to make an LJ cut

2) Please don’t post spoilers in posts that don’t contain the word “spoiler” in the title.

3) Also if you are making a long post or a post that will contain several images please try to make use of LJ-cut as well as it helps avoid cluttering up other peoples Friends pages.

4) Please respect your fellow members, no flaming, trolling or other inappropriate behaviour.

Above all have fun and be courteous and remember that your fandom is what you make it!